Stiles Stilinski + Faceless
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It’s not obedience, Mr. Beckett; it’s respect.

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BAECONHILS a graphic with a vibrant colouring + sterek

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Teen Wolf Xmas Meme »» Day One: Favorite Episode Season One

1x08 Lunatic

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TEEN WOLF AU »» Sterek + Orphan Black

When Stiles Stilinski moved to New York to get away from his past, he wasn’t expecting to find not one but two copies of himself. He was going to straighten up, to reinvent himself and figure out a way to pay for his foster dad’s – Sheriff Stilinski’s- hospital bills before returning to Beacon Hills. Of course he hadn’t meant the whole ‘reinvent’ part literally, at least not until he saw someone who looked exactly like him throw himself in front of a train. 

Turns out his lookalike was loaded. As in had a bank account worth 75 grand, more than enough to pay for his dad’s hospital bills. He was also a cop, which made his intensity easy enough to assume. On top of that, his boyfriend was pretty damn sexy. Whoever this ‘Tyler Childs’ dude was, he was living the life. 

From then on things only get weirder- he’s declared dead, Scott throws him a wake, another lookalike gets killed in front of him, and Stiles gets caught in the middle of a murder investigation. He soon learns that there’s more than three of them when he come in contact with Trevor and Luke – two lookalikes who inform him that they’re actually clones. 

Clones. As in exact copies of each other. They are genetic experiments and there are literally hundreds of them spread out all over the world. And it appears that someone is trying to track them down and kill them off. 

The three of them dig deeper and deeper, trying to find out anything they can about where they came from and why they were made. While they aren’t any closer to finding out who exactly made them, they do discover that each of the clones was placed in a specific area with a person called a monitor to watch over them. Luke thinks his monitor is his adopted mother. Trevor is positive that his monitor is his best friend and roommate since college. But who is Stiles’ monitor?

Derek can’t help but notice something about Tyler has changed. It’s not just the meds this time. He’s different. He’s snarkier, defiant, challenging. He can’t help but wonder if he’s actually falling for the kid he was sent to watch, if this new version of Tyler is some type of test designed to drive him insane or if he’s become someone else entirely. 

Derek never expected anyone to find out about how he’d inadvertently helped wipe out his entire family or use it against him. He never expected to be blackmailed into watching some hyperactive kid, for the lines to suddenly blur between lies and reality. He definitely didn’t expect to fall in love with him.

Stiles knows that Derek is keeping secrets, but who isn’t? Still, he needs someone he can trust, someone on the inside. The first rule of Clone Club is pretty obvious, but Derek might be a good enough reason to break them. 

requested and partially written by mcsciles


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"In a word?

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Is anyone else really curious about a “Turn Left” scenario in which you decided not to join Tumblr

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7 seasons of the most heterosexual cast.

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